Instant Water Heaters

Our range of instant water heater are as per IS standards. We have the range of 1ltr and 3 ltr in electric instant water heater and 6ltr/min flow in instant gas water heater.


Electrical Instant Water Heater
  • Instant water heater is ISI marked
  • Rust proof ABS outer body. (shock proof) available in various shapes
  • Hydraulically tested inner tank:- Stainless Steel
  • Glass wool insulation to ensure minimum heat loss
  • Efficient and long lasting 3000W In-house manufactured heating element as per IS:4159
  • Fitted with 3 core fire retardant ISI marked 1 heavy wire
  • ISI marked thermostat and thermal cutout(optional)
  • Pressure release valve, Fusible plug
  • Capacity:- 1ltr & 3ltr
  • Color:- Ivory.


Gas Geyser
  • Capacity outflow 6Ltr/min
  • Instant Flow at ultra low pressure automatic Ignition System
  • Dual hot / cold water supply mode, water & gas combination unit
  • Starting at ultra low water pressure
  • Gas and water volume regulator
  • Fire out protection device
  • Over heat protection device
  • 20 minute auto cut off device
  • Chimney style smoke exhaust device
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